(Ugh.  Feelings.)

This is the inner you – This section is all about our personal lives, and the ups and downs that come with growing. It’s the selfish stuff that keeps us up thinking late at night.

Comprised of advice columns, career articles, dating, style, cooking.

the flyy life

(Who, What, When.  Your Opinion HERE.)

This is the outer you – This is the section where we opinionate about things we’ve experienced and places we’ve gone. It’s all about the life we go out and actually LIVE.

Comprised of concerts, events, restaurants, bars, books, websites, celebrities.

the fly on the wall

(Serious Section)

This is What We Think of the World. This is the section where we describe and disseminate current events and news worthy items. It’s the serious subject-matter you’d love to one day solve.

Comprised of political & societal commentary, and links to other thought provoking articles.


(Creative Section)

This is Where We Dream – This is the section where creativity and imagination run free. It’s about letting your mind wander and tapping into your subconscious.

Comprised of short stories, poetry, possibly even photography.

the unzipped fly

(Funny Section)

This is Funny – This is the section where we laugh. At anything – ourselves, life, strange moments, and people we don’t even know.

Comprised of funny tidbits, commentary, and embarrassing moment.

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