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i wreak of diesel fuel right now.  no amount of washing will get it out.   i think i’m going to die of random fume + dust smells.  okay maybe not. LOL.

oh wait, i’m ahead of myself.  maybe i should backtrack and get to where I am today.

so the other night during my skate lesson I bit it really really hard.  Right in the face.  I’m still recovering but I’m not gonna whine about it.  Okay yes I am because it’s on my face and it’s all i can think about.  Plus, since I have on this hijab ALL you see of me is my face. LOL.  So to have a big bruise on your chin, well. ugh.  I look either like a tough girl or a battered wife.  But internally, honestly it’s interesting to see how the body responds when you keep going when you don’t want to.  After the fall I got back up and kept skating.  I’m so proud of that part.

On that note, I’m learning and relearning the idea of patience.  We wanted to paint a mural today (or at least get the ball rolling).  And to do such a thing is a bigger job than grab paint, grab brushes, slap it on board, let it dry.  Here, searching around in the dark because the power is out for the 10th time today and all the lanterns are being used for much more important purposes means that finding the supplies is a real challenge.  Or realizing that going to buy new rollers to paint with will be an all day affair.  Needless to say, that when all was said and done, the easiest, simplest way to get the paint off of my hands was to wash them in diesel fuel – because that’s all we had, and it was going to have to work.   Spending time complaining or fretting is just a pure waste.  There are so many things going on in the day – and so many little moments to really savor with the kids… I dunno.  I get it.  You do the best you can with the tools you have and move on.  Wisely.  But move on.  The gas smell will eventually fade.  The mural I am going to help teach them how to paint will hopefully be here many years to come.

I’m learning about how organizations built up of a collage of people from different nationalities is challenging.  There are so many random cultural idiosyncrasies that the simplest ideas can take forever to be generally accepted by everyone in the room.  Or, even, trying to hash out a process sometimes ends in arguments because sometimes people are saying the same thing but in different ways.  Or, perhaps there are assumptions being made by one party or another.  It definitely makes me want to take a class in cross-cultural communication.   Especially because in the end – we always figure out a way to get things done.  We pretty much work 12 – 13 hour days here on average.  Much of that time is dedicated to making sure we get it all done and that folks are clear on the mission.  There are oftentimes still misunderstandings, but in another sense, it’s beautiful to watch us humans figure it all out.

In other news, I’m growing more and more frustrated with being a woman here.  I have my thoughts that perhaps I’ll share later about how why countries who don’t allow for equal space for both genders can’t really thrive.  But in the meantime, I WILL take this time to whine about how I just want to go to a shop and buy something, talk to some people, maybe go get a soda.   But really, there is such a huge fear here of women.  Yes, I call it fear.  Its sad really. But also, you grow jealous of your male counterparts.  They go and do and walk around with relative ease.  They don’t know quite how frustrating it is for us women working here.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do an exercise where the men in our office had to be a woman for a day.  Just to maybe get a glimpse at how it feels to be so restricted.  So funny how the most degrading thing for a man to even consider being is a woman.  So sad.

I’ve never in my life ever really wanted to be a man.  But in this instance I wish I could perhaps just not be any gender.  I just feel like there are so many parts of this country I’ll never get to experience because I’m a woman.  Sort of frustrating to come all this way and for that to be the reality.


i’m headed home for the evening now.  i’se sleepy.  hmmm…. i can’t wait to come back and tell you more about my classes and the students tomorrow.


Well I don’t know why I’m amazed that corporate America.  That said – their response speaks volumes – really KFC?

The sad thing is, I don’t know if I necessarily think they’re wrong.  I can’t tell you how many times  I’ve witnessed the power of fried meat as the perfect prescription for my unruly brethren.   They  should’ve just went ahead and threw in some Henny, Swishers, and some Listerine strips. Watch us go dumb, dumb, dumb then.  …I am willing to admit that maybe I’m just more embarrassed they noticed how easy it can be….  *SMH*   … yeah.  ***

Gawker got this one perfect:

As Harry Connick, Jr.’s blackface ≠ OK incident demonstrated, Australians have a slightly different understanding of racism than we do, which is why The Chicken formerly known as Kentucky Fried says its ad has simply been “misinterpreted by a segment of people in the U.S.,” and was never supposed to appear before American eyes.

It is a light-hearted reference to the West Indian cricket team. The ad was reproduced online in the US without KFC’s permission, where we are told a culturally-based stereotype exists, leading to the incorrect assertion of racism.

Welcome to the internet, Colonel Sanders. Let’s put this in sex tape terms: You did something nasty with sluttish mistress Australia, then put a digital recording of it on your computer, thinking your long-suffering housewife, America—who tends to the mutant chickens while you are away and is slowly being poisoned to death from all those saturated fats—would never see it. But by the power vested in Rebecca Gayheart’s Noxema pasties, we did, and even if the video means something different to its intended audience, we still saw it, and now we like you a little less. Besides, who wants to see Colonel Sanders naked, anyway.

***JOKES!  Get it together KFC – you are an American brand.  Your international standards & practices lawyer should be pink slipped right after you finish with the exec and his American superior who approved the ad.

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1. Don’t swallow bags of weed, ok?  Especially if you know you are prone to being pulled over or just don’t take ish from anybody (even if they are a cop with a taser/gun/handcuffs) Like it or not, they will tase/pin/shoot your ass, and you will choke.

2. I know times are hard, but just take the fine when caught with weed.  You gotta pay the cost to be the boss right?  If you know you got warrants and whatnot, then try to only partake indoors, alone.  Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

3. I get that tasering people is better than shooting non compliant suspects, but this ish right here…. It seems like every other week there is another story of tasering gone wrong.

4. There are so many vidoes that capture a person’s death/ass whooping/most embarassing moment these days.  The video was removed from YouTube, but the fact that the footage remains still kinda freaks me out.  Yeah, I’ve watched Faces of Death too – but now it’s almost becoming shall I say… commonplace?

5. See the reason why NOT to take certain professions, isn’t always because it’s wrong… but because well, do you want THIS to be the aggrigated headline all up and down Google when when you die: Gay Porn Star Andrew Grande Dies After Trying to Swallow Pot, and Getting Tasered Didn’t Help

6. Dang TruTV ya’ll got/see/shoot errythang!  Can you please not find me ever?  Kthanxbai!

7. Ummmm.  I’m all for a Drug Free America.  But I think I care less about making sure this numbnut doesn’t get high on his own supply and more about all the Bailout execs who refuse to give me back my damn money.  I wish we could leave the potheads to their own lazy devices and spend our time, energy and resources to get our money back. I’m just sayin.

People Suck.

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Sandra Rose has such colorful readers

I am on BAIL OUT!  BAIL OUT! BAIL OUT!  prayer status hoping for the miracle that this is just a joke.  It saddens my soul that self hatred runs this deep. 

Why do people insist on ignorance?   Is there any way to send this poor excuse of a mother a copy of Good Hair?

But the real question is – what baby of any shade at his age has hair longer than their body?  I mean.  It’s like this hoodrat beautiful, precious human being really wanted a doll so she went out and had a baby.  And WHO glued that mess to bay bay’s head? 




A loyal reader sent me these pics of her precious infant daughter wearing her first lacefront wig.

She writes: “It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce!”

I got trouble, trouble in my soul.  Pressing “play” on My Umi says…  yea lawd.

You Suck rating:

Thanks Agent M.   & BoomBash Pow.  Thanks a whole whole lot.

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Talk about sensitivity.  Aw lawd hammercy!
The folks over at Hello Beautiful report:

The only thing newlyweds Julie and Mike Boyde wanted was a baby. The couple had already begun planning for a family and started to build a nursery in their Ambridge, Pa., home. But a painful diagnosis shattered their dream of getting pregnant. On their wedding night, they discovered that Julie was allergic to Mike’s semen when they had unprotected sex for the first time.


Wooo – SAAAA.  So his ish burnt her up forreals…. aw hell naw!

The sad thing is, real or fake this should be a PSA for men and women alike.

Stop trying to convince your partner its ok to go raw.  Forreals.