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I don’t think I could bear the thought of going to the complete other side of the Earth – about as close to war as a civilian should ever get – and not make a pit stop to see my parents first.

I will start by saying that I have some of the most loving parents any person could ever be blessed to be born to.

I think this is how your parents always see you. Forever and ever.

They have completely supported my crazy ideas in the past.  This time, I knew it was hard for them yet again to say “okay, we support you – now how can we help you?”  I can only imagine what it must feel like to send your child away to a place you don’t know, to a people and culture that couldn’t be more different than what they have ever experienced.  Moreover – to a place about as volatile and dangerous as the world has to offer.

That said.  We have done this before.  At 12 I had the bright idea that going to boarding school would be the best thing ever for my young developing mind.  And, surprisingly (and I’m sure very painfully) they let me go.  They encouraged me, supported me, always left the door open for me to come home… which gave me the strength to make it through to the end.  That experience was a wild ride.  A girl from Gary, Indiana (murder capital at the time) going off to some school that looks like a castle in the middle of nowheresville Minnesota – with people of a VERY different tax bracket? … not to mention races, cultures, and languages I’d never heard before all huddled into this 150 year old school.  Yes.  a wild ride it was.

This time, I’m sure their fears are different….but I have that same feeling I did all those years ago.  Ms. Niki – wanting to do something everyone else she knows would pass.  Willing to fail – knowing she will do whatever it takes not to.  So they stand by and support.  Financially, physically, emotionally, and in whatever other way could possibly be imagined.

For example, they’ve agreed to play grandparent to the only grandchild I think they’ll ever know for quite a while – my cat Willis.

The Magnificent Willis Maguillicutty

My father seems to be kind of grumpy about this whole portion of “support” but, he’s always like that toward the family pet.  However, he’s usually the most sad when they go.  It’s an interesting dichotomy to watch unfold.  My mother will spoil him rotten in between almost stepping on him.  Again, normal for how family pets are treated in this house.  It’s cool.  I know he’ll be safe.  He’ll be loved.  And he’ll he happy.

Just like me.  I’m loved.  I’m happy.

That said, I’m also growing more and more nervous the closer I get to my departure date.  How will I make it with all these bags?  Will the people hate me where I’m going?  Will I be effective?  Will I truly be in harm’s way?  What if it’s just plain old hard to live there and I hate it? I’m brown – will folks treat me more harshly because of it?  I’m American – will the kids I work with (or their parents) hate me too? None of it too major of an anxiety… just thoughts that pass through my mind.  Especially the one “Niki, what are you thinking?”

Whelp, I leave on this epic journey in 4 days or so.  So many little details to remember and tie up.  I know I’m up for this challenge.  I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.  I want to really suck up every moment of it.

Written by Niki


Don’t you just love a boyfriend who cares?  I oft wonder – where’s the chivalry gone these days – and then I read tales like this.  Just LOVELY!  I’m tickled rouge with delight.  yum-O!!

Do you know how to enlarge webpages in your browser?  This little gem of tale is worth figuring it out for…  click the picture for a somewhat larger image.

Written by Niki





February is known as the month of love.

Usually, the focus is romantic love as the countdown to the 14th reaches fervent pitch and we are bombarded with images of ideal passionate couples, attacked with advertisements convincing us how to best show our undying love and consumed with planning the perfect valentine.


Sometimes, talk turns to “love” in general and more universal meanings of love. We remind ourselves to appreciate the things we often take for granted. We think of ways to show love to important persons in our lives.  And, for various reasons, we even take the time to indulge in self-love, remembering to take time and appreciate the person within.


There are so many types of love. But I have decided to dedicate most (if not all) of my posts this month to a particular type of relationship that sometimes gets overlooked in serious, long-rang discussion: The Female Friendship. The bond between women, I believe, can be taken for granted as part of normal everyday life. But, just like romantic relationships, our connections take time, commitment, understanding, sensitivity and dedication. And as we go crazy over romance in February, our friendships need to be celebrated and appreciated for the joy and fulfillment they bring to our lives.


So here is to the month of love.


Here’s to you, women of the world, my sistahs.


This special valentine is for you.


Here are some links to get in the spirit of my posts for the month:


Let’s get cheesy for a moment…


I have no idea the words she’s actually singing, but it sounds pretty.








Okay, moving on to the funny…


And to one of the best TV shows about girlfriends…








I giggled at this because it speaks so well to the way men think vs. women.   Or maybe just moreso the reality of how relationships go.

From Crackle: Dennis & Chloe

Not to mention, if a girl sleeps with a guy early on does that mean she’ll never get to be wooed after that?  Does it speak too well to the whole Cow/Milk cliche?  Men hate the woo process that much?  We can’t like the woo AND the sex??  Gotta hold out on the sex to get the woo?  BOOOOOOOOO.  That’s no fun for anybody.

Um, yeah-  so pretty much if you’re gonna have e-mail sex at work it’s just a bad idea all around.

You could wind up like these poor souls.  Sorry, but I’m pointing and laughing at both of you married idiots.

Guest of a Guest sums it all up pretty well here:

Everyone has had at least one bad email incident that they have had to learn from. Some involve, say, sending an invitation and forgetting to bcc everyone. Or worse, sending an email complaining about your boss to, er, your boss, named Sarah (instead of your best friend Sarah). But, NO ONE, and we mean NO ONE has had a worse email gaffe than John X did about an hour ago. The Cornell Business School Tech Consultant managed to pass on his entire long and very steamy exchange with his mistress, Lisa (another Cornell Business Employee), TO THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. Both are married. Click below for the entire email exchange, including photos of the two. It seems like a joke, but we assure you, this is real life, folks, and it’s not pretty.

aw man, reading these is better than any of the latest trashy Danielle Steeles… Dang – maybe Lifetime will remake this for all the hornies who watch LMN like they are really into those thing storylines.  U know who you are. *ahem*


The reviewers finally split during a synopsis of the movie Amelia.

My First Southern Love

I wipe the molasses from my chin
take a deep breath
and slide down farther in that cherry wood rocking chair
On the porch, the heat slowly soaks into our skin
and the smell of the moss and from the bayou begins to creep up my nostrils
I catch a hint of your musk
and I am satisfied
Not a care in the world
But the fact that momma’s voice might be echoing
her voice bouncing off the cypress tree calling for me
I watch you apply pressure to that mason jar
Your perfect mouth sips the fresh squeezed lemonade
I imagine the redish brown clay God used to mold your lips shape
like the moon
split in two crescents
Your skin dipped in mud, traced in mahogany
young loveYou look up and your eyes send a shock through my veins
my heart stops and starts its rhythm all over again
Like the night sky, vast and dark, your eyes take me with them on a journey where we could sit and talk for hours about everything and nothing
I wanted to run away with you far from the troubles or what shade we were
and where we were allowed to sit and stand and eat
Why couldnt every day be as careless , carefree as these august summers we spend together?
You tell me that my laugh reminds you of piano scales repeating themselves or a soft tune on a guitar

It takes you back to your grandfathers house when he taught you about music
Grandfather Piano
The music of our ancestors and our forefathers
how your he taught you to be a man….
I reply and say that your paint splattered hands reminded me of how God’s hands must of looked after he finished drawing out the blue print for creation
Smudging green here for the grass and aqua-blue there for the sea
You stretch out your palm and ask me to walk with you down that dust covered road back to reality
I knew this day would be written in history, a story for our children
Our little moment of paradise we were each others escape from pain
Lets be lost… again
by : Khalisa Williams