yeah, we know you’re curious.

well.  maybe.  we hope.




A Gary, Indiana native, Niki always has trouble coming up with interesting ways to describe herself. For starters, some of her favorite things are reading, writing, watching movies, dark chocolate, and discussing pointless matters incessantly. Now living in LA for almost ten years (*gasp*) Niki has fetched her fair share of lunch orders and script copies for the Hollywood elite. But much of her time is spent dreaming of one day living in Paris, France, writing her next billion dollar blockbuster movie from her usual seat in the back of a smoky coffee shop.


Born and raised in Inglewood, Willie tried to leave California for college but, at the last minute, couldn’t do it. So in California she stayed and it is where she now remains with her husband and kids. She’s not completely ignorant of the rest of the world. She visits Kentucky for family and she has been to other states and cities (Vegas, baby!) and even out of the country (Twice!). Although she loves California and never wants to leave — despite the real estate market that makes it nearly impossible for her to realize her dream of one day living in a huge house with a huge backyard and despite a hubby who is now talking about “better opportunities out of state”–she plans on seeing more of the world outside Los Angeles. That is why she is determined to make it big, by robbery, by lottery or, perhaps, an actual writing career. One day.