Today in Afghan living, I’m going to tell you about this wonderful dish called:


10 Pairs of socks – any color.  White and blacks together are just fine in fact
10 Pairs of underwear
5 – 6 (maybe even 7) pots of water
1 cup of clothing detergent
1 plastic bag

1.) Bring 2 pots of water to a rapid boil.
2.) Pour detergent into big plastic container like a washed out garbage can or other tub.
3.) Pour boiling water over detergent.
4.) Fill tub with with socks and underwear.
5.) Stir with long plastic spoon.  Do not be alarmed if the water turns gray or black.  You will not be able to see anything in the water because it is so dirty. This is normal.  Remember, you live around a lot of dust.
6.) Transfer wet clothes to plastic bag.  Do this the best way you see fit.
7.) Pour nasty water down toilet.  Refill bucket with 2 more pots of water.  It shouldn’t be boiling, perhaps warm enough for you to put your hands in.
8.) Dump clothes into water.  Pretend like you are on a river with rocks and get to scrubbin’.
9.) Water will still be gray.  This is okay.  Ever heard of rinse n repeat?  Well this is where they got it from.
10.) Keep repeating until water is clearish.  Your clothes will not ever be undingy.  That’s okay.  They smell clean, and have essentially been boiled.
11.) Squeeze them ad dry as you can.  This all depends on how tired you are.
12.)Do you have a bukhari?  Great!  Wipe it down (so as not to re-dust everything) and fry your clothes on the open grate.  This will allow you to have clean socks and panties in the morning.
12.) Revel in the fact that your room now smells like fresh laundry detergent.
13.) Go to bed.  You deserve it.

Now that I’ve mastered the art of cooking, let’s move on to other topics in tasty delights?

They asked MOI of all people to be on the Afghan version of Iron Chef called: 59 Minutes.  It airs on Ariana.  I dare somebody to find the footage.  Do you think we’ll be able to find it on YouTube?  I pray YES.  I judged the cooking stylistics of these two women who thought they “put their foot in it.”   I can’t share the results because I’m legally bound (and I just KNOW how much you’re all out there clamoring to tell the world), but I did get my grub on.  I did my best impersonation of the gluttons Alton Brown questions on Iron Chef America.  And tried to be as giggly as the girls who get dubbed on Iron Chef Japan (yeah right, not really).  It was loads of fun.  Definitely a story I will be re-telling and re-telling.  I just hafta wait till it airs before I can say too much.



Written by Niki