We went on an unannounced hiatus for a while – but then, something amazing happened and we felt the need to share it all with our faithful readers.

Here are the basic details….

Yes, fantastic it shall be.

1 – The GingerFly* is about to embark on an epic journey.  We’re headed off to Kabul, Afghanistan to help an amazing organization.  We’ve been cautioned against giving too much description – but let’s just say that it fantasically combines so many of the things we love.

2 – This space is where we’ll document all of it as best we can.

3 – We hope you enjoy this new chapter of The GingerFly…No matter what, we guarantee there will be lots to share!

Do you know where to find Kabul on the map?

Here’s the thing – I get that our country is engaged in a war there.  And yes, we’re nervous.  But – it should be said that we’ve got an odd sense of peace about the whole thing.  The plan is to love, learn, teach, laugh, listen, play, pray, and eat…. in no particular order.

*(well, half of us)**


**You do realize there’s only two of us… so this time, it’s just Niki.  YIKES!