For all of you that don’t know how to read an email conversation, you gotta start at the bottom and read up.

here’s another example of the fabulous fish i have to choose from in the dating world.

at this point, i only keep my account open for the entertainment value.

To: Chocolateonu

Subject: Re: Read This

I should tell you the same thing.

…talkin’ ’bout kids and ish ‘fo you know my first name.

Who are you? Where are you from? What’s your favorite music? Any diseases I should know about? Since we’re talking kids gotta make sure you’re clean enough to occupy my eggs.

How much did you report on your Income taxes for last year? better yet, What is your social security? You know, just in case you try to bail on taking care of the rugrats.

hmmm.. what else do i need to know to determine your father eligibility.

mamma and daddy’s name? where do they live?

…..ooooor maybe we’ll just start with:

Hi. How are you? Your profile seems interesting. What are you up to on a random Tuesday afternoon? I’m at work… trying to make it do what it do..

—— Original note ——

From: Chocolateonyou
To: niki
Subject: Re: Read This
Well why dont you take the time to get to know me then

—— Original note ——

From: niki
To: Chocolateonyou
Subject: Re: Read This

“have our kids” um. fresh outta the gate its like that?

boy get outta here.

you could be the spawn of satan for all i know. what do i look like saying yes to some random Omari man from XYZ?

LOL…. crackin up over here.
—— Original note ——

From: Chocolateonyou
To: niki
Subject: Read This
Hello how are you doing? Omari is my name! I would like to know if you would love to have our kids.

Written by Niki