The thing is – there is just certain music that makes me feel like I’m contributing to the downfall of society.   … I’m troubled / conflicted/ confused at times because some of it I love.  While I do believe there is a place in the world for all forms of self expression, some of it points to the worst values society has to offer.

After looking over my list – I think it’s more of commentary on where hip hop (music in general) is these days than anything.  Is it that I”m embarrassed to still love it as an artform?  I don’t know… still need to figure that part out.  Either way… here it goes…

1.  Teach Me How To Dougie (Aw lawd I’m old, is that what it’s called?)

Somehow, this song magically transports me to the way I used to feel in 1990 Gary, Indiana.  In my jellies or Converse outside in the middle of the street learning some new dance from the older neighborhood girls. … and then how super excited I’d be to test it out later at whatever school dance the nearby school was having.    At this point in the game, I’ll just have to remain happy testing this one out in the car with my steering wheel on the way to work.  I don’t know how I can keep my fabulous swag in the club with this one… wait… what’s that you say about that club down on 109th & what?  Hmmm.  Maybe I can get away with it down there.   I know Keisha will go with me….

2.  Imma Be

Yeah yeah yeah.  There used to be a time when Black Eyed Peas was hip hop with a little soulful flava.  Now, they’re just some auto-tuned white bread poppy something or other.  I hate to admit it, but I have been known to jump over folks and scale flights of stairs (even in my 5 inchers) in the club to run go dance to them.   Say whatcha want but that Will. I. Am. somehow finds that BEAT that gets me wanting to work it out.  … hmph I’m liable to forgive all the people who drive like fools on the way to work  if I’m engrossed in my daily morning my-own-personal-club ritual called Ms. Ac(ura) when this is on the radio.

3.  BedRock

Okay.  I can’t say that I’m necessarily embarrassed to love it… I think I hate that whenever I hear this song I see visions of rooms full 8th month pregnant-by-Lil’ Wayne-women standing next to chirren with tattoos all over their faces all speaking at once. … with VO from his interview on”Behind the Music” playing in the bg… too much? The truth is, I just feel icky.  But dammit if I don’t do a little extra left hand in the air “Oh that’s my jam!” when this one comes on…

4. Gangsta Love

I friggin love this song.  Please don’t ask me to explain myself and please #dontjudgeme.    These days, Snoop mostly makes me giggle with his personae, doing bollywood, singing the One Life To Live song, and is really the epitome of why that OG/pimp routine is coonery to the 100th degree (101st, 102nd, 103rd.. and on)…  but when he goes “She say my name loud, I say her name low.”  …. I don’t know…. I just wanna… 🙂 YEAH.

5. Brick By Boring Brick

Not hip hop – but.  Is it rock?  Pop?  What is this mess?  Sounds like a showtune. ………. aaaaaaaaaaand that’s why I love it!  I know they think they’re being all emo and serious and Avril on us.  I get it.  But really- I go up and down the streets of LA going Ba-da-da-Da-da da da daaaaaa.   🙂  I have no idea what the song is about.  A fairytale?  Castle?  what?  No idea.  Just Ba-da-da-Da-da da da daaaaaa  DA DA DA DA da-DA-DA-DaaAA!

Written by Niki