1. lolcats + the biggest, sluttiest cat of them al l+ sexting = AH.  MAY.  ZING.
  2. yeah….  apartment walls are way too thin these days. The fat ass I lived below for the past 2 years was more disgusting than entertaining.  so happy i never figured out who that digestionally challenged person was.  The hotties you live underneath have provided for fabulous alone time fantasy.  At least they serve SOME sort of purpose.
  3. i swear i’d been writing this same post, but this person beat me to the punch.  i have this WHY moment way too much in movies these days.  and yes, that alice in wonderland reference was one for me too.
  4. ice cream and cake cream and cake. ice cream and cake cream and cake.  yeah #dontjudgeme  cuz i filled it out too.   this is the kind of march madness i personally enjoy.  but then it causes for summertime no-bikini blues.  … … ::le sigh::
  5. freshalina at crunktastical always and forever more will be my favorite blogger. hands down.  please read exhibit Z (cuz every day she posts something that makes me chuckle.) she needs a show on E! after joel mchale.  how do we make this happen?
  6. Isn’t FB awesome?

Written by Niki