We know how it is. Your not trying to be perfect. You just want to get you’re point across. Its better too just put you’re thoughts out thier then too try to be perfect. It really doesn’t effect the way its read, write?

AHHHHHH! Okay, I’m going to admit. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all day, everyday. However, there are some basic grammatical errors that plague the blogs and social media pages penned by too many of my dear friends. I have decided to detail the most critical offenses and lay down the law. Like I said, I’m not perfect, and rely more than I probably should on spell-check. And sometimes I intentionally take grammatical license. To make a point. Or to just be lax.

However these particular rules you must not break under any circumstance. If and when you do, I promise you’ll sound… well, to put it bluntly…stupid. There, I said it.

Now, please read ’em and fix your damn status updates, blogs and work emails.

Thou shalt not:

1. Mix up their, they’re, & there.

If I said: “They’re putting their stuff over there.” – would you know what I meant?

Well when you say “Their putting there stuff over they’re.” I am left scratching my head.

Want to know why?

their = Plural possessive pronoun, meaning MORE THAN ONE PERSON (or entity) OWNS THE OBJECT.

Example: Their clothing. Their cars. Their toys. Their feelings. If you are (you’re) talking about PLURAL ownership of something, then it’s THEIR.

they’re = THEY ARE – For example: They‘re awesome! They‘re going to the store. They’re over here.

1a. or mix up Your & You’re

More than likely, if you regularly break the first rule, then you break this one as well. It basically means, you don’t understand why or when to use the apostrophe.

Your = singular possessive noun. Your clothing. Your car. Your toy. Your blog. Your children.

You’re = YOU ARE You’re silly. You’re funny. You’re trying too hard. You’re driving me crazy.

1b.  Same with where & were…  (& maybe even we’re)

2. Understand that its & it’s is a special case you have to simply promise to remember. Just like you can remember Biggie’s 10 crack commandments, so shall you remember this here rule.

It’s = IT IS It’s raining. It’s fun. It’s not over there. It’s theirs.

Its = Used when IT owns something. Its coat. Its problem. Its pride.

3. Choose the right word or just say something else. Her are a few examples that stand out and either confuse the reader or make you look illiterate.

Since, Sense, cents

Since = Suggests a particular starting point. Since you were not here, I cooked the food. He has been a fool since 1955.

Sense = to feel or when you’re talking about someone’s intelligence. I sense some tension in the room. Use your common sense.

Cents = money

Lose, loose

3. Never, ever ever ever type could of, should of, would of.

What you’re trying to say is could HAVE, should have, would HAVE.

I could HAVE eaten an apple instead.

I should HAVE eaten an apple instead.

I would HAVE eaten an apple instead.

10. REMEMBER THAT AN APOSTROPHE (‘) JOINS TWO WORDS OR MEANS A NOUN IS POSSESSIVE. So all those apostrophes you added to your poor child’s name make no sense.


Can’t = CAN NOT

Wasn’t = WAS NOT

Niki’s car = Niki owns the car

The cat’s toy = The cat owns the toy

La’laqui’neisha = Mom didn’t know why or how apostrophes are used

What grammatical errors drive you crazy?  Feel free to rant and rave….

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