When YouTube came up with the slogan “Broadcast Yourself”  I don’t know if they fully understood what glory and light their site would be responsible for bringing to the world.

Friend of the Flyverse, DJ Kaleem slid us this tasty morsel, and well, we thought we’d share the joy!

Michael Jackson can RIP knowing that Roye APOSTRPHE l can carry his sangin, dancing, twirling torch.

I think you’re ready.  You’re ready.

Not to seem unappreciative, but here are just a few of my thoughts upon experiencing this joyous gift.

  1. Is one leg a prosthetic?  Or could he just not find matching kneepads?
  2. You know how when you were a kid and you were so excited to do the Easter speech that you got out of breath just thinking about what you had to say?  …. Yeah.
  3. Chew love.  Is in my whirl.
  4. She?  This girl? Really?  Methinks you have the wrong word.
  5. Scarf(Shorts + vest) = Delicious
  6. Heeeiiiiiiyyyy – Teach me summathem steps!
  7. For whatever reason I fainted and hit the floor around :37
  8. The purple and gold reminds me of how GRRRReat the Flakers are.
  9. As soon as I revived myself, at :57 I was back comatose again.
  10. Now let’s get this brutha some werk!

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Written by Niki