You kicked a little butt this past year. You tried to do some major smack down, but we proved UNBREAKABLE, and refused to go down without a fight.
Jobs were hard to find, hundreds of resumes went unanswered, and promising employment leads led to disappointed hopes. Yes, 2009. You were a true test of resilience. After the let downs, I got right back up and tried, tried, tried again. I became OPTIMISM personified. There is the perfect job out there for me and I will find it.
Money was tight. It was crazy how creative a person can become managing so little when there is so much you need or want. But we didn’t go homeless. We never went hungry. My little family was safe and in good health. And our little home was filled with love, laughter and togetherness.
Despite the economy. Despite the television sprouting bad news at us about our world and the people within it. I knew that you, 2009, were only a passing phase. What goes down, will rise up again. And I learned to turn off the T.V. 
Because despite all the negativity that was attached, assigned, contributed to you, this was a good year.
Many milestones were reached on your watch.
My 30th Birthday was an exciting, wonderful experience.
My beautiful baby boy turned two and he is, as always, the aggravatingly, delightful joy of my life.
My stepdaughter started kindergarten and it is amazing to watch her start each day as a new adventure.
My hubby and I grow closer as we lean on each other to encourage, suppoand sustain each other through the upheaval of this crazy year. We will always look back on this time with equal amounts of amazement and fondness.
You were a year of discovery and appreciation.
My friends are the best. They make me laugh. They keep me sane.
My family, my parents and my sisters, are my foundation. Just speaking to them on the phone and seeing them at Sunday dinners helped me keep my balance. I will never take them for granted.
My slower days allowed me to reevaluate and refocus on my relationship with God. I’ll never take Him for granted again.
I was forced to self-reflection, self-awareness and redetermination. I’ll now admit that I started to get a little discouraged with my chosen career of Hollywood-dream-chasing. I lost momentum and I lost focused as my 5 then 10-year-plans fell to the wasteside. That eager, hopeful college graduate who set out to conquer? She turned into a almost-30-year-old who was still holding on, but was fast losing hope. But you, 2009, made me ask myself what if I was willing to settle. Not yet, my heart tells me. The dream is still alive.
I will be a successful writer. It is only a matter of time.
And I suppose that is the biggest lesson I have learned from you, 2009. You were only a matter of time.
And now your time has passed.
Thank, God.
So, goodbye 2009. It was actually not too bad knowing you, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
Hellooooo, 2010. You’re going to be a FABULOUS year.

I just know it.