Searching the net for hot deals and great sales. We will find outfits for $100 or less. The lower the total bill, the better we did. 


We found a GREAT PAIR OF BOOTS at Go Jane.

Style: Stud Embellished Suede Finish Boot (Rust)

Price: $28.40

Get the boots here.


Then we came across this STYLISH DRESS at Mod Cloth.

Style: Bande à Part Tunic in Grey

Price: $44.99

Get the dress here.


Then we searched high and low for the PERFECT BAG to complete the outfit and found one at Aldo Shoes.

Style: LAMPP (Natural)

Sale Price: $20.99

Get the handbag here.

But wait! At check out, the bag is now (suspiciously?) priced at $29.98.  That’s right. Get our purse-lovin’ hopes up and then dash them down, down, down to the ground.

Because that puts our TOTAL PRICE at $103.37



So we went back on the prowl and found an ALTERNATE HANDBAG at Forever 21. Not our first choice, but it is cute.

Style: Catalina Braid Strap Tote (Grey)

Price: $24.80

Get the bag here.


And look, we have just enough left over to add a FAB BRACELET from Go Jane.

Style: Chain Link Beaded Bracelet (Brown)

Price: $1.30 (You read that right. One dollar and thirty cents! Wooo!)

Get the bracelet here.



UPDATE: I just checked and Aldo has corrected the page so the handbag IS $29.98. CURSES! -w-