1. Don’t swallow bags of weed, ok?  Especially if you know you are prone to being pulled over or just don’t take ish from anybody (even if they are a cop with a taser/gun/handcuffs) Like it or not, they will tase/pin/shoot your ass, and you will choke.

2. I know times are hard, but just take the fine when caught with weed.  You gotta pay the cost to be the boss right?  If you know you got warrants and whatnot, then try to only partake indoors, alone.  Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

3. I get that tasering people is better than shooting non compliant suspects, but this ish right here…. It seems like every other week there is another story of tasering gone wrong.

4. There are so many vidoes that capture a person’s death/ass whooping/most embarassing moment these days.  The video was removed from YouTube, but the fact that the footage remains still kinda freaks me out.  Yeah, I’ve watched Faces of Death too – but now it’s almost becoming shall I say… commonplace?

5. See the reason why NOT to take certain professions, isn’t always because it’s wrong… but because well, do you want THIS to be the aggrigated headline all up and down Google when when you die: Gay Porn Star Andrew Grande Dies After Trying to Swallow Pot, and Getting Tasered Didn’t Help

6. Dang TruTV ya’ll got/see/shoot errythang!  Can you please not find me ever?  Kthanxbai!

7. Ummmm.  I’m all for a Drug Free America.  But I think I care less about making sure this numbnut doesn’t get high on his own supply and more about all the Bailout execs who refuse to give me back my damn money.  I wish we could leave the potheads to their own lazy devices and spend our time, energy and resources to get our money back. I’m just sayin.

People Suck.

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Written by Niki