Teacher Cuts 7-yr-old's Hair

From Essence.com 

On November 28th, the girl’s first grade teacher at the Congress Elementary School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became “frustrated” when [Lamya] Cammon kept playing with her hair and told the girl to walk to the front of class. The obedient child complied and, to her surprise, her teacher reached for a pair of scissors and cut one of Lamya’s braids off.
An outburst of laughter filled the room and [the little girl] went back to her seat, put her head down on her desk, and cried.
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What’s really interesting is reading the comments section at Essence.com. As you can imagine, there is heated discussion featuring a wide range of opinions that center around African-American hair, their use of extensions and their obsession with hair. The mother contends that her daughter’s braids were 100% real hair and the teacher half-heartedly apologized claiming that she did not realize it was not extensions.
But my concern is real or fake hair, African-American girl or one of any race, does the teacher have the right to punish and humiliate a young child by cutting off her hair in front of her class? Just as physical abuse is not permitted in a school setting, emotional and mental is (or should be) inexcusable also. The teacher claims the child was being disruptive and disobedient, but this was definitely not the right way to handle the situation.
What do you think?