Are you gearing up for a new year of sending out birthday cards to your relatives and/or friends? Or are you like me, determined that THIS year will be the year that you will remember everybody’s birthday and actually send out a card this time around?  

Here is a great way to connect with your family and remember them on their special days.  

Your family can decide to take part in a birthday gift exchange. For the next year, 2010, everybody agrees to send one dollar (or whatever amount agreed upon) to each participant on their birthdays. This fun idea guarantees that everyone is acknowledged on his/her birthday and receives birthday cash to buy a little something-something and nobody is breaking the bank trying to include every family member.  

Sounds like fun? Great! Here is what you do:  

For example, you have a groups of about 41 family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, siblings, etc)  

You all agree to send $1 for each birthday. 

1. THE ORGANIZER(S): Collect the names, emails, addresses and birth dates of every family member who wants to participate.  

2. ORGANIZER(S): Send out/email the list as soon as possible at the beginning of the year! Try to get it out at least 10 days before the first birthday listed.   

3.PARTICIPANTS: Buy Notecards  

Some options:  

Die-Cut Notecard Set 50-pk from Target: $9.99  

Notecards from


Birthday Cakes Notecards (Deluxe Notecards) from  ($11.16 x 2 packs of 20 ) $22.32  


Or, to be really budget-friendly…  

1 pack of envelopes (50 count) from $0.99 Store: $1  

1 pack of colored index cards (100 count) from $.099 Store: $1  

4. PARTICIPANTS: Buy Stamps  

One option is the Birthday Mice Custom Stamps: ($20.95 x 2 sheets of 20 stamps)  $41.90   



Other birthday designs are also available.  

5. PARTICIPANTS: Add birthdays to your calendars so you won’t forget!  

6. ORGANIZER(S): Send out email reminders.  

7. PARTICIPANTS: Address and stamp your envelops. Write a nice little personal note on the note/index card. Insert dollar into the package. Send out BIRTHDAY DOLLARS about 5 days before birthdays.  

8. RECIPIENTS: Watch your mailboxes and enjoy as the moolah comes pouring in. And don’t forget to send your share to others on the list!  

TOTAL COST: From $44.90 (low range) to $52.89 (mid range) to $65.22 (high range) 

 TOTAL VALUE: Priceless 

If done right and fairly, everybody receive $40 (amount depends on # of participants and the dollar amount agreed upon).  But really, it’s not the money that makes this a great project. It’s the birthday wishes on your birthday from your extended family and the warm, fuzzy feeling  you get by being remembered by your loved ones.

You can also use this idea for a large group of friends.