Hey there. I’m a Rampage Janessa Tote. You know you want me. Of course, you do. You’d have to be a confident chick to carry me around.

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Are you the girl I’m looking for?

Are you active, always on the go? I am MEANT to be seen, don’t you know. I have plenty of room while staying fun and stylish. So I can take an impulsive gal, as long as you not messy. Gotta keep this pristine figure.

Now you may think my stone-colored straps might mean that I am looking for a lady who is kind of restrained, but that is not it at all. I mean, you have to be responsible. A white bag like myself needs someone who will appreciate and keep me in good condition. But my size shows that I can be accommodating for the right gal, independent and fierce, not afraid to show me off.

So can you handle me?