I was writing out the Christmas lists for my kids and I suddenly wondered, when was the last time I wrote a Christmas list for myself?
Oh man. I cannot remember the last time I wrote one. I must have been seventeen or eighteen when my mom declared that I was old enough that I would only get one big present for Christmas from my parents. I told her gift-wrapped hard cash was good enough for me. And tie it with a silver bow, if you please.
The last time I got a big, big present was the Christmas after I graduated from college and I received my beautiful, old laptop.  (Man, I miss that laptop.)
Since then, I have had great Christmases. Give me a bookstore giftcard or a nice pair of silver earrings and I am golden. I am just grateful to be thought of. Really. I am. And now that I have kids, I have had the curious desire of wanting people to spend money on them rather than me, so that’s the instruction I have been giving for the last two years. I know, huh? I cannot explain it. Some kind of uncontrolled maternal compulsion going on there. 
But for the last few year, gadgets and gizmos galore have been catching my eye and, I’ve put them on my mental list of things I will buy “when…” And now that I’m thinking about it, I once again have a genuine, honest-to-goodness Christmas list. Most of these items are big-price items, so I do not expect to see them under the tree this year. But I am going to share this list with you, GingerFly readers, just because it is that time of the year.
Maybe, for those of you who do have the dough to spend (and in this economy, good for you and God bless) and need a little help figuring out what to give a loved one, my list can give you some good ideas.
Here goes:
Dear Santa,
I’ve been a REALLY good girl this year….

Isn’t this on every reader’s wish list?
This is the only gadget that makes me say “I HAVE to have this.” The ipod? Oh, I’ll get it eventually. Flat screen television? Oh, one day when I have a bigger space. The PS3? Oh, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have one…sometime in the future. 

But the Kindle? I want it, I want it, I want it.
I read all the time. I carry books and magazines everywhere I go. On every trip, I take 5-10 books with me in addition to magazines and my laptop. And, yes. I finish reading every single one before I’m on my way home again.
One day, I will have a Kindle. And it will be AWESOME!
I was doing okay until a year ago when my godmother bought hers over to the house. As I held it my hands, I had a feeling of inner peace and joy. There is one gadget in the world made especially for me and this is it.

I have to buy a laptop soon, and I am going with a PC. What? I’m a PC user, so sue me. But I do love what the Macs can do with graphics and videos and other mutlimedia. I ideally I would love to have both set up in my home office because I’m used to alternating between the two (each have their pros and cons). However, buying an extra laptop, a MacBook, is an extra expense I cannot afford right now but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Soon, I’ll be able to say “I am a PC and a MAC!”

From Macys.com

For whatever reason, I have never particularly wanted diamond earrings. I admire them on others, but Zubics always worked fine for me. But, I have no idea why, now that I’m 30 I have gotten it into this strange brain of mine that I should have a pair of diamond earrings.

Just because.

Every thirty-year-old should. 


From Sephora.com

Speaking of which, is it just me, or am I getting older?

Oh. It’s just you?

That’s fine then. But I am still caring more and more about my face and skin. I’m only a decade away from 40! Better start doing the work now so I don’t have to do botox or any kind of cosmetic surgery (Eck! Needles!). This product looks like a great to start to keep this girl looking good. 


From Carolsdaughter.com

Have you ever tried Carol’s Daughter products?

You should.  The products smell so good and makes my skin feel so soft. Whatever Carol Daughter is doing, she is doing it right.

I’m running low on my precious Ocean Shea Body Lotion.

I need to stock up for next year! 


From Nikonusa.com

I’m sorry, but my kids are too cute.

And I need to document every moment of their lives.


In high digital quality.


From Cooking.com

I have been craving a waffle iron.

I even thought about “borrowing” my parents’, but I refuse to stoop so low.

Waffles. Yum!


From MichaelKors.com

Every woman needs a pair of shoes to make her feel absolutely fabulous.

Willie’s feet meet Fab pair of shoes.

Fab pair of shoes say “Hello Hot Mamacitas!” to Willie’s feet.