1. Shout out to The Hollywood Assistant, who is my favorite Hipster Moonlighter…Or just aficionado.  That said, this evo-lution chart is funny.  Especially because around 2am on any in Los Feliz/Silverlake/East Hollywood corner you’ll find this exact line up (same poses and all) swanging off of some food truck that may or may not sell tacos:

Evolution of the Hipster

Side note: I also find hipsters to often times have the most interesting and ecclectic taste in music yet also are the worst dancers in the world.  They fill popular venues with that weird seizure like movement.  SMH.  What’s up with that?

2. Beyonce is ridiculous.  We already knew that.  But still.  Four Four is hilarious. 

3.  Okay .  ::sigh::  – can comebody please come and get her?  Please let’s stop the madness.    oooo  ReRe….Don’t let them call you the “Gospel Grizzly”  they’re so right but so wrong…

4.  Oh CHINA.  I was so over and done and done and done with anything related to whorring athletes until you created this little piece of morning glory:

And is it just me or did they scrub the poor animated Coblanasian Sim clean of any Asian features.  I’m just sayin….