This is a real picture that a flight attendant took on an American Airlines flight recently.  Apparently, she sent it in to her bosses at American to find out what the best course of action should be.

As a “thicker” sister, I know how hard it is to feel comfortable in those skinny airplane seats.   And when there are two of us on a row, things can get a bit…  crampt.  (Yes, that’s right – crampt.)  I’m always thinking – can we get just a few more inches to breathe?  I’m not THAT big, but dammit if this isn’t a reminder for me to find a more intense workout plan. 

On the flip side, if your body physically cannot fit between the confines of the seat, then either:

1) You need to buy two seats.


2) Looks like you’ll be driving, sailing, or MAYBE on a train. 

But this ish right here is just wrong. 

Check the look of the man sitting next to him tho.  He is looking over at him like you have GOT to be kidding me.  I KNOW I got cursed with the middle seat but HAMMERCY!!!! 

Apparently, he got a voucher and an offer to take another flight.  Hmph.  He was a good one, cuz it may have been a scene on that there voyage had it have been me.

To me, the big guy is selfish and wrong.  He knew before he got on that flight and breathed and squeezed is way thru the metal detector that he wasn’t gonna fit.  He knew when he weebled and wobbled his way though the airplane entrance, past the restrooms and down the aisle (bumping every seat on the way) that he wasn’t gonna fit.  And I know that flight attendant tray slammed into his hip every time she went past.   If you look closer, you can see that that poor arm rest held up a good portion of that weight.

Look, nobody’s judging anybody for being large – lawd knows I don’t.  Do you boo.  But my thing is, if you know you don’t fit dude then you don’t fit.  If your big ass is blocking my way of getting off of the plane in an emergency, I have issues with you being there.  I paid my millions for that slice of a plane seat, and I expect to be able to use all of my seat.  And not have YOUR fat encroach upon my milliondollar real estate.

People Suck.