So AOL is reporting that CVS finds it most cost effective to pay fines for expired goods rather than pay a minimum wage worker to find and dispose of them. 

On Monday, Connecticut became the latest state to cite CVS (CVS) drugstores for selling expired products. Richard Blumenthal, the state’s attorney general, filed a lawsuit against CVS, revealing that investigations his office conducted over the past year and a half determined that 44% of inspected stores sold expired over-the-counter drugs, infant formula, energy drinks, milk, eggs, and yogurt.


WHAT?  And I’m talking about milk, eggs, over the counter drugs, and other things that could make you sick by ingesting them after the date.   I’m not understanding why this is OK.  To me, this is further proof the FDA is by and large useless.  Isn’t this why they are around?  To protect us from greedy corporations who sell us dangerous items to consume?  Eh notsomuch apparently.

But then part of me also thinks – what’s up with the expiration dates?  Cuz lawd knows I use stuff all the time that’s technically “expired.”  Is it all just a hoax to begin with? I’m always wondering they slap dates on stuff just to make sure you buy more soon. 

I think all I’m asking is if the store can just sell it to before the date and then allow ME to make the decision whether or not to ignore the date. 

Can’t trust anything man.