Sandra Rose has such colorful readers

I am on BAIL OUT!  BAIL OUT! BAIL OUT!  prayer status hoping for the miracle that this is just a joke.  It saddens my soul that self hatred runs this deep. 

Why do people insist on ignorance?   Is there any way to send this poor excuse of a mother a copy of Good Hair?

But the real question is – what baby of any shade at his age has hair longer than their body?  I mean.  It’s like this hoodrat beautiful, precious human being really wanted a doll so she went out and had a baby.  And WHO glued that mess to bay bay’s head? 




A loyal reader sent me these pics of her precious infant daughter wearing her first lacefront wig.

She writes: “It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce!”

I got trouble, trouble in my soul.  Pressing “play” on My Umi says…  yea lawd.

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