Um, yeah-  so pretty much if you’re gonna have e-mail sex at work it’s just a bad idea all around.

You could wind up like these poor souls.  Sorry, but I’m pointing and laughing at both of you married idiots.

Guest of a Guest sums it all up pretty well here:

Everyone has had at least one bad email incident that they have had to learn from. Some involve, say, sending an invitation and forgetting to bcc everyone. Or worse, sending an email complaining about your boss to, er, your boss, named Sarah (instead of your best friend Sarah). But, NO ONE, and we mean NO ONE has had a worse email gaffe than John X did about an hour ago. The Cornell Business School Tech Consultant managed to pass on his entire long and very steamy exchange with his mistress, Lisa (another Cornell Business Employee), TO THE ENTIRE SCHOOL. Both are married. Click below for the entire email exchange, including photos of the two. It seems like a joke, but we assure you, this is real life, folks, and it’s not pretty.

aw man, reading these is better than any of the latest trashy Danielle Steeles… Dang – maybe Lifetime will remake this for all the hornies who watch LMN like they are really into those thing storylines.  U know who you are. *ahem*