Sooooo.  Really?  I’m really trying to figure out how any news organization would post this even on a blog.  Especially one for food.


I guess the only hope was in the comments section.  Dude was pretty much just egged for his idiocracy and then had the nerve to offer up the lamest excuse ever.


Sooooo  Riddle me this:  How does this idiot have a job?  How is he able to just “skim” the news, make such awful and disgusting jokes, and then just go “Apologies…”  Um.  Forreals?  That’s gonna fly New York Magazine?  Really!?  How is this ok? I’m trying to figure out what is going on in the world where decency, blogging, and journalism intersect?   I’m also a little bummed that there wasn’t more of a “We’re going to yank advertising.” outcry from such a post. Even after just skimming the title it was apparent to me that this joke was in very very poor taste.   Um, this is a mag where ad space aint cheap….  And is supposed to be of a sort of “higher class.”  Whatever that means.  But alas, as bummed as I am, I’m for sure not surprised.

In case you don’t recognize the girl in the picture above – she is the young woman serving time for killing her father who raped her from the age of three. And yeah, she killed him by cutting off his penis and then burning it so it couldn’t be reattached….  Not that there is any excuse for torture and murder,  but after hearing of her story, I find it very very hard to feel bad for the man, even though I understand why the daughter has to serve time.

But Daniel Maurer.  Dude.  You aren’t funny.  In fact – you stepped so far over the line of taste and humor I wish there were more action to be taken against you.  At the very least it was extremely refreshing to read that not one person who commented on this post found it remotely entertaining.

Three “PEOPLE SUCK” pooey faces for you Mr Maurer