30 DAYS TIL 30: Reflections on Why It’s Awesome to Be Turning Thirty

28 DAYS: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reason #3: Learning to Slow Down and Appreciate Each Day

I have enjoyed my twenties tremendously and I do have distinct memories. Great memories. But when I look back over the last ten years, a lot of it is a blur, leaving me with vague impressions, emotional footprints, some photographs.

I do know it has a lot to do with my tendency to pack my days and nights with as much activities as possible, determined not to waste a single moment. However, when one lives a crazy, chaotic, busy life, it is easy to document the specific accomplishments and even easier to miss the fleeting moments.

I am always busy making plans. Looking ahead to the next day. Making to-do lists for tomorrow, for next month, for next year. Not necessarily a bad character trait. But always anticipating what’s to come next, I often spew comments such as, “I can’t wait until summer” because it is my favorite time of year or “I can’t for this year is over” because I have big plans in the works and I feel that I’m in a holding pattern waiting for the desired outcome to come into fruition a year from now. My hubby called me on it recently and I realized that such views can be extreme, counterproductive and pessimistic if not carefully applied to one life’s outlook.

For big moments, I try to tell myself, okay remember this, but even those memories fade over time, no longer as sharp or as clear. I wonder if this is true for most people, those of us lucky/unlucky enough to not be one of those few who have the hyperthymestic syndrome and can remember every second of every day of their past.

I have mellowed out these last few years, slowing down and becoming more selective on how I spend my days. As I continue to learn how to appreciate each day and take one day at a time. Enjoy winter for what the season brings, enjoy this year because, after it’s gone, I will only get it back through memories carefully cultivated.

Positive Thought: Continuing to learn how to live in the present and to appreciate the specific moments. Learning not to lose the small details with eyes focused on the big picture.