What the heck is this ish right here? I should be gettin ready to head out to my gloriously low paying job.  But no.  I’m here surfing the web when I come across this mess.

Basically, if you have a weak stomach don’t bother going here.  This is the craziest thing I think I’ve ever seen….

Ryan and Dave are the most unique identical twins you'll ever meet. After tiring of piercing, tattoos, and implants about three years ago, they began exploring much heavier surgical modifications. Dave had spent two and a half years in pre-med at Queens University in Kingston, and using contacts made both there and online he and his twin brother have changed themselves in ways far beyond anything anyone else has ever attempted.

I get that people are in to piercings, tattoos, etc etc.  But this?  Um.  Yeah.  They should prolly be committed.

I mean forreals?  I’m sorry, but people are crazy.