My First Southern Love

I wipe the molasses from my chin
take a deep breath
and slide down farther in that cherry wood rocking chair
On the porch, the heat slowly soaks into our skin
and the smell of the moss and from the bayou begins to creep up my nostrils
I catch a hint of your musk
and I am satisfied
Not a care in the world
But the fact that momma’s voice might be echoing
her voice bouncing off the cypress tree calling for me
I watch you apply pressure to that mason jar
Your perfect mouth sips the fresh squeezed lemonade
I imagine the redish brown clay God used to mold your lips shape
like the moon
split in two crescents
Your skin dipped in mud, traced in mahogany
young loveYou look up and your eyes send a shock through my veins
my heart stops and starts its rhythm all over again
Like the night sky, vast and dark, your eyes take me with them on a journey where we could sit and talk for hours about everything and nothing
I wanted to run away with you far from the troubles or what shade we were
and where we were allowed to sit and stand and eat
Why couldnt every day be as careless , carefree as these august summers we spend together?
You tell me that my laugh reminds you of piano scales repeating themselves or a soft tune on a guitar

It takes you back to your grandfathers house when he taught you about music
Grandfather Piano
The music of our ancestors and our forefathers
how your he taught you to be a man….
I reply and say that your paint splattered hands reminded me of how God’s hands must of looked after he finished drawing out the blue print for creation
Smudging green here for the grass and aqua-blue there for the sea
You stretch out your palm and ask me to walk with you down that dust covered road back to reality
I knew this day would be written in history, a story for our children
Our little moment of paradise we were each others escape from pain
Lets be lost… again
by : Khalisa Williams